Our actions aim to improve outcomes in dealing with the following issues:

Law Reform: We aim to reform family law and practice so that children keep both parents in the overwhelming majority of cases.

C-560 (Equal Parenting): a private member’s bill in Canadian Parliament needs your support. Please take action by writing to your member of parliament and ask for his or her vote in favour of this bill. A suggested letter is here .  A link to a CEPC member site for emailing all MPs (or selected ones) is here . You can make a donation to support our actions here .

Conflict Resolution: Please help us act to change adversarial family courts to conflict resolution procedures. These include mediation, collaborative law, parent support and education, parent co-ordinators, parenting plans and empowering parents to make their own decisions.We aim to get divorce out of the courts with non-adversarial alternatives, starting with equal respect and dignity for both parents.

Speaking out for parents:

As Canada’s national parents advocacy organization, we speak out for parents. This includes both mothers and fathers, grandparents, and issues from divorce to child removal by government agencies to adoption and many others.

Equal standards:

We want the same standard of evidence and proof for divorcing parents as for married parents when facing the loss of a child to state authorities. If you listened to experts, parents can’t raise children without control and advice from an army of experts (psychologists, social workers, lawyers, judges). Yet Courts and “experts” want not to be held responsible for the results of their orders. We speak out for parents against unsubstantiated claims by claimed “authorities.”



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