Parents’ Council to hold blood drive

The Canadian Equal Parenting Council (CEPC) is partnering with the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) as a Partner for Life in a blood drive which asks separated parents and supporters of equal parenting to donate blood.

“If you as a non-custodial parent have nothing left to give after costs of court, lawyers, support and taxes,” says Paulette MacDonald, Co-president, CEPC, “then you can still give blood.”

“Supporters of equal parenting and children’s need for both parents can give blood and record their support for family law reform,” says Glenn Cheriton, CEPC Co-president.


To pledge a blood donation, supporters can call Canadian Blood Services  1 888 2 DONATE and quote the ID: EQUA012619. The actual donation can be made at any of the locations and drives of CBS across Canada which can be found at

   CEPC is the major voice for parents and equality in issues of law reform, children’s needs and respect for mothers and fathers. More information is available at

For further information:

Paulette Macdonald

(705) 434-9476

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